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Department of • Computer Science and Engineering


Department of Computer Science And Engineering

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

   The B.Tech. programme in Computer Science and Engineering is one of the most popular programme in our campus. The Computer Science and Engineering Department focuses on producing graduates with sound knowledge on Computer Science and Engineering. The programme is meticulously designed to cater to the global demands, emphasizing coverage on hardware and software’s with programming. The B.Tech. Curriculum has been designed conforming to the recommendations of ACM and guidelines of AICTE. It consists of the following components of study:

  1. Basic Science and Mathematics
  2. Humanities and Social Science (English, Management)
  3. Basic Engineering(Basic Sciences and Mathematics)
  4. Program Core (Core Courses, Community Service Project, Project Work)
  5. Elective Courses
    1. Major Elective (Stream Based Electives)
    2. Open Elective
    3. Humanities Elective
    4. Self-Study Elective

   The Programcore part includes Theoretical Core Courses, Hardware, System Software and Programming,Community Service Project, Project Work. The program also includes Stream Based Major electives covering the thrust areas such as Networks and Security, Software design and Development, Internet of Things, Graphics, Vision and Gaming, Data Science and Analytics. The students have the opportunities to study inter disciplinary courses of their interest as open elective. Majority of the theory courses have laboratory component, which provides a balanced mix of quality teaching of theoretical concepts and experimental verification of the learnt concepts. There is exclusive laboratory for mini project aimed at imparting the design knowledge of computational problems.

M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

   The M.Tech. Programme in Computer Science and Engineering is aimed at providing a comprehensive knowledge in the frontier areas of Computer Science including Computer Architecture, Software Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Networking and Web Technologies. Apart from the core courses, the student may choose electives depending on his/her interests. Ample opportunities for research and development activities are provided. Students who successfully complete the programme are employed immediately as Computer/Software Engineers or System Analyst in the industry. Alternatively, they can pursue research leading to Ph.D degree in reputed Institutions in India and Abroad.


   Students who have completed B.E./B.Tech.(CSE/ECE/IT)


   Two Years

M.Tech. Network Engineering

   The department of Computer Science and Engineering has started M.E. (Network Engineering) in the year 2003. Initially, this Program was approved by AICTE and was affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. From July-2007 onwards, the course is offered under Kalasalingam University as M.Tech. (Network Engineering). The curriculum is aimed to give sound knowledge in the areas of Computer Networks, Network Programming, Network Routing, Network Management, Simulations of Computer Networks, Network Security. A host of elective subjects namely Optical Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Networks, Mobile computing etc enable the students to gain the knowledge in latest trends in Network technologies. Students can get the hands on training through the facilities available in Network Technology Lab, Network Security Lab, Gigabit Testing and Monitoring Lab, FLUKE NetMAT lab associated with TIFAC-CORE in Network Engineering.


   Students who have completed B.E./B.Tech. (CSE/ECE/EEE/IT)


   Two Years

B.Voc. Software Development (3 years)

   The B.Voc. (Software Development) is designed in such a way that at the end of three years the student will be awarded a B.Voc. Degree and pursue the job roles of Analyst, Application Maintenance Engineer, Deployment Engineer, Engineer Trainee, Junior Data Associate , Language Translator, QA Engineer etc..At the end of second year they will be awarded with Advanced Diploma and they can seek jobs as Business Process Outsourcer, Website Developer, Documentation support etc..At the end of First year they will be awarded with Diploma and they can seek job as Data Entry Operators, Accountant Trainees etc.


   Students who have completed S.S.L.C


   Three Years


   The emphasize is to provide creative and innovative work undertaken on a systematic way for increasing the knowledge, including knowledge of individual, the culture, the society and the use of this knowledge in the industrial fields.